Asbestos Testing

We specialize in Asbestos analysis and detection in bulk construction materials, air, dust and water samples.

Lead and Mold Testing

Customers rely on us to determine the existence of indoor mold spores, as well as lead concentrates in air, soil, paint and dust.

Drinking Water Testing

Municipalities, businesses, and homeowners rely on CA Labs for the detection of Asbestos in drinking water.

Welcome to CA Labs

Since 1998, CA Labs has been recognized as a leading provider of environmental laboratory testing services throughout North America.

Thousand of environmental engineers, consultants, property owners, abatement contractors, municipal and governmental agencies have come to rely on CA Labs’ commitment to quality lab results and fast, reliable turnaround times. Through unrelenting attention to excellence in laboratory testing and related services, our customers can rest easy knowing that CA Labs provides legally defensible data analysis.

Our state of the art facilities and equipment allow us to streamline our sample flow through our labs. The result is increased productivity coupled with high quality services that efficiently process projects per your specific requirements.

Our highly accredited environmental testing laboratories in Texas and Lousiana offer comprehensive asbestos, lead, and microbiological analysis, specializing in the analysis of trace level contaminates in air, water, and various types of building materials.

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