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CA Labs is a national asbestos laboratory serving clients throughout North America. Our Asbestos Division is staffed with experienced analysts and managers who specialize in asbestos analysis and detection in bulk, air, dust and water samples. At CA Labs, our focus is on providing clients with fast, accurate, and legally defensible data for every project. We take special pride in meeting our client’s turnaround times, a reflection of our commitment to customer service.

Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM)

PLM analysis is a technique most often utilized for the identification of asbestos in bulk building materials.


  • PLM Bulk Building Materials
  • PLM Point Count
  • PLM Gravimetric & Point Count
  • EPA 600 Method & AHERA
  • EPA 600 Method
  • EPA 600 Method

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

TEM provides high resolution analysis for asbestos identification in bulk building materials, dust samples, airborne and drinking water sample matrices. In some cases, TEM analysis is mandated by State or Federal regulation, and TEM is recommended by EPA for testing floor tiles and organically bond materials.

  • TEM Air
  • TEM Bulk
  • TEM Drinking Water
  • TEM Dust Sample
  • AHERA/NIOSH 7402/EPA Level 2
  • Chatfield/Vermiculite separation
  • EPA 100.2
  • ASTM D6480/5755

Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM)

PCM airborne fiber counting is widely used to measure asbestos fiber concentrations of air samples.  This is typically required to meet contractor OSHA requirements and final air clearance in public buildings.

  • PCM Air
  • NIOSH 7400