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  ASBESTOS AT HOME Asbestos is a group of natural occurring minerals with thin, microscopic fibers.  Because these fibers have been found to be resistant to heat, fire, and chemicals, various manufacturer’s have incorporated asbestos in the production of a variety of building products.  Floor tiles, for example, may contain only a small percentage of asbestos.  Examples of a few products that might contain asbestos are: Wall and ceiling insulation Insulation for pipes and boilers Insulation in buildings and homes Ceiling and floor tile Roofing shingles Everyone has heard about the dangers of asbestos.  Asbestos is most hazardous when it Read more
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CA Labs is a national asbestos laboratory serving clients throughout North America. Our Asbestos Division is staffed with experienced analysts and managers who specialize in asbestos analysis and detection in bulk, air, dust and water samples. At CA Labs, our focus is on providing clients with fast, accurate, and legally defensible data for every project. We take special pride in meeting our client’s turnaround times, a reflection of our commitment to customer service. Read more